Tuesday, April 25, 2017

New exhibits inworld

After years of absence from the galleries of SL, I had at least the time to accept the invitations of many friends asking to show my works in their places.
The restart has been demanding: Jo Yardley offered me the opportunity to exhibit my photos at her SIM Time Portal; meanwhile, Oobleck Allagash and Nodnol Jameson, - who have built the awesome SIM West of the Rain - asked me for an exhibit for the opening of their new place, The Last Forever, inspired to RL Marfa (TX).
I enthusiastically accepted both offers: Time Portal fits to my retro passions (I have a Melu Deco shop there) while Marfa is a Heaven for a lover of american pop culture and contemporary art.
At Time Portal, in the Delmonico's artspace, I set an exhibit called A World of Details: 30 close-ups showing, daily life objects, city corners, decors and much more with the aim to enhance the details of the daily landscape of our lives (even Second).
At Marfa, my choice has been to celebrate the place with a collection of photos on the theme Americana. American Icons in Second Life; it tries to show how people have reprersented Middle America in Second Life, catching the images of the mithical things - from the motels to the 1950s cars - that populate SL American themed SIMs.

A World of Details

Americana. American Icons in Second Life (The Last Forever) 


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